I created the book “Sensualité” as part of my bachelor thesis “liberté, egalité, sensualité” where I tried to question the hypothesis of Slavoj Zizek in the NZZ where he claimed that after the #metoo movement and the start of the liberalization of female sexuality we as a society are moving towards a boring world where eroticism and sexual tension will disappear. I photographed 10 different people with the intention to desexualize the sexual body. Each photo is intimate in its own way without showing the face of the person I captured. The book is called sensuality for the reason to capture the sensual way of sexuality and move towards a sensual world where rape culture and discomfort ‘cause of gender stereotypes will disappear. The book has 144 pages - this is a small selection of them. It’s separated in three chapters and a compilation of my pictures and small poems about sexuality, rape, self-love and patriarchal misogyny. If you are interested in having a closer look of the book or any questions about the project, just contact me.